The print publication of The Bewundering World of Bewilderbeests was made possible by a wonderful community of Kickstarter Backers. My deepest thanks to each of you for your incredible kindness, generosity, and support throughout the entire process of making this dream a reality. Thank you to those listed below (in no particular order). And to the many other individuals who opted to retain their anonymity—my thanks to you, too.    

Bob Foster
Diane Wotten
Robert Wotten
Naomi Levin
Lynda Slade
Arlene & Don Dobie
Bruce Brown
Jane Martin
Scott Morris
Walter Connelly
Chris Ritchie
Jill Philip
Jane & Dave Beckett
Karen Shaver
Connie Wansbrough
Cathy Pansolin
Ryan Dodier
Twila & Roger Cruickshank
Ann Bozik
Alexis Kinnear
Patricia Prytulak
Anthony McMeekin
Jaime Drayer
Shannon Harris
Devi Lanphere
Emma Joy To
Sherry Shrubb
Kate Bedding
Katherine Fort
Sheila Miller
Bob & Beth Ardiel
Colleen Post
Peggy Guiler-Delahunt
Cindy Randles
Dor Goodwin
Julie Weaver
Liz Docherty
Deborah Porter
Susan MacIntyre
Suzanne Shostal
Racheal Fontenot
Barb Binder
Mary Jo Johnson
Shana Greatrix
Jane Noble
Eleanor Vermulen
Adrienne Crowdis

Tim Porter
Mark Schreiber
Karen Levin
Susan Goodlet
Mallory Anderson
Pamela Sanders
Alison Smith
Michael Long
Kiersten Pinard
Elizabeth & Larry Wingate
Patty McGuire
Megan White
Tammany Kinnear
Adam Christilaw
Bonnie Kennedy
Don Fort
Chris Jewell
Sarah & Jeff Philip
Tracy Moore
Ulli Fuegl
Justin Chiovitti
Ramesh Halai
Nova Clarke
Lindsay DiSabato
Sheila Humphrey
Pat Butcher
Lauren Shostal
Stephanie & Ron Sinden
Joanne Defreyne
Terra Burke
Connie Cameron
Maureen Smith
Donna Misener
Paula Smith
Pat Barker
Gail Harrington
Linda Vancso
Christina Gulewitsch
Sharon Mandryk
Colleen Osterberg
Chuck Anderson
Coralene Renshaw
Sandy Hill
George Renshaw
Joan Norman
Nancy Racz



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